Welcome to the 2015 #TeddyOlympics  

The #TeddyOlympics is an annual event for nice anipals.
The 2015 #TeddyOlympics starts on 27th June...
Spencer and I hope that you will enjoy the build up to the games and join in this year!

#TeddyOlympics Rings


If you would like to be a #TeddyOlympics Torch Bearer or Judge for the 2015 games
please get in touch with Olly or Spencer.


#TeddyOlympics Schedule
The Opening Ceremony is on Saturday 27th June
#TeddyOlympics entries are open until 11th July
Judging and Admin of events will be up to Friday 17th July
Closing Ceremony and Pawty will be on Saturday 18th July from 7pm BST UK


If you need help ask our #TeddyOlympics organisers
If you have questions about the games please just ask our #TeddyOlympics organisers:

Our Teddy Helpers for the events on Twitter!


  2015 #TeddyOlympics


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